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  • From: Jürgen Mages <jmages@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:05:30 +0200

For our metric freaks:

The main tube is 1.750"sq (0.060 wall).
(45 x 45 x 1,5 mm)

The rear tube is 1.250"sq (~.1 wall - but it's short).
(32 x 32 x 2,5 mm)

The top and bottom pivot pieces that will clamp the 7201
bearing are 0.1875" thick.
(4,8 mm)

The pivot side pieces are made from 0.060" sheet.
(1,5 mm)

That seems reasonable sized!

Daryl, why did you choose a brass pivot for the rear suspension?
Don´t you fear that there might be too much wear?

The cavity in the pivot side sheets is a good idea because you will
have enough clearance for the steering stop if you make one.



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