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The main tube is 1.750"sq (0.060 wall). On each side is a 3/4" dia x 1/4" 
machined "button" that braces the suspension pivot. 

The rear tube is 1.250"sq (~.1 wall - but it's short). Through it is a 3/4" bar 
drilled 1/2 for the suspension pivot (this is the piece I had so much trouble 
with). The hollow bar fits snug inside the 1.750" sq tube. The suspension pivot 
is 2" long solid 1/2" brass (may be big but it was easy and solid). It will be 
drilled and tapped on each side for 1/4" retaining screws that will prevent it 
drifting out left/right with time/movement.  

The top and bottom pivot pieces that will clamp the 7201 bearing are 0.1875" 
thick. I cut out 1/4" thick pieces before hand but they looked overkill and 
were rejected. We'll see. The assembly feels very strong as is.

The pivot side pieces are made from 0.060" sheet. For this stuff I do a quickie 
outline drawing on a 2D CAD system then plot it out 1:1. I then use "3M 
Remount" to mount it to the metal. Presto, an exact high contrast layout to cut 
out and sand to that is easily removed later. You have to watch the heat of 
sanding though as the re-mount will soften if it gets too hot.

With a humidex in the upper 40's it's probably not a great time to be welding 
but it sure does feel nice to go for a swim afterwards ;-)


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Excellent. Finally someone that really works instead of
fooling around in the sunshine ;-)

The pictures look very promising. Nice work that backbone frame. What are the 
tubing measurements and is that a solid brass piece inside the suspension pivot?



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