[python] Re: Jetstream

  • From: Thomas P Jahn <tpj@xxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:01:17 +0100

There is a borderline where the self centering force compensates the
"weight of front part + leg-feet weight (i.e. that what causes wheel
flop)".That is where the balance is.

I am still confused about the "compensation" or balance. What exactly has to be compensated?
Jürgen writes on his homepage:

"So 63° is the best pivot angle?

Not really, but it is close: The optimal pivot angle is exactly the one where the weight of the whole front part (including the riders legs) is in equilibrium with the rest of the bike (including the rest of the rider). This is different with every bike and rider. To be more exact: It is the angle where the wheel flop effect is nullified by the seat rising effect.

The heavier the rear part is in relation to the front, the closer the pivot angle may approach the desired maximum seat rising angle. "

So, here it sounds as if the compensation is to increase rear weight versus front weight. And how would it in theory relate to the pivot angle?: The heavier the rear part compared to the front, the more shallow the angle may be??? But you Dirk say something about pivot angle versus front weight. And that is probably something that cannot be put in numbers. like degree angle / kg weight???

To increase the confusion:
In the other thread "81 inseam" you just said that you did not experience any difference with the luggage. So, weight plays no role??

Then again its sounds as if you on your babypython must be close to wheel fleep. But still it never happened. That sounds really good. And your pivot angle is 60° as I can see from the survey. What about the weight (rear versus front?) Or does it matter at all in your case??? It seems not!?


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