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  • Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 22:46:08 -0500

Looks good and looks smooth.  Does the T-bar rocker have the same effect as
the 190 degree rocker from the original design?  Picturing it moving in my
mind's eye it seems like it would do similar things to the tilting ratios of
the two swingarms, but in function, is it about the same as a 190 degree
angle, somethign different or have you worked that out?  I like the change
you did to the swingarms too.  It looks like you might want to make it tilt
a little further though.  The python delta I did would go to 45 degrees,
easy, and there were a couple times I bottomed it out in turns and could
have used a little more - not for regular riding though.

How much higher are the swingarm pivots than the rear wheel axles now?

The thing I like about homebuilding, is it's very easy to do a lot of
theorizing and making fancy plans, and critiques and everything else, but
unless you actually make an attempt at making it real, the best it'll ever
be is pure vapour.  I applaud your creation.  Even if it isn't 100% what you
wanted, it looks more than functional enough that I bet you could sell it in
a heartbeat and build one more to your liking.

| I have finished the frame at last (Photo's Attached) and there are some
| videos on my web site that show how the tilt action works
| http://jetrike.com/videos they are ASF which only seems to work with
| Media Player, so I will convert them to MPEG when I get a chance.
| All I need to do now is sew up the seat and attach all the hardware. I
| have decided not to paint it yet, just in case I need to weld something
| new on somewhere. One thing I will need to add is a steering lock, it
| will currently turn 180° from side to side, but I think 90° would be
| sufficient, and I am worried that I will damage the chainrings if it
| flops over on them with the front wheel turned right 90°.
| I sat on the frame today with my feet on the pedals, and sure enough I
| can balance very easily and lean to either side and center again without
| much difficulty. I have not taken it for a test ride yet, but as soon as
| the seat is on I will.
| I will keep you posted.
| -h


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