[python] Re: Jetrike Update

  • From: Henry Thomas <whpthomas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 19:47:34 +1000

The articulation head now seems to be in roughly the position of a standard diamond-frame bike. Is that right? And with positive trail? But even so, seems no reason it shouldn't have a python front end if preferred. Or is this head set an arcane part of the self-righting geometry, that I haven't understood?
Yes, I am afraid I abandoned the python front end because I became worried it might not work. I figured that I would perfect the self centering tilt first, then play around with the drive train. The current drive train is based on Laurent Dechenne's Speculoos <les-velos-de-laurent.skynetblogs.be <http://les-velos-de-laurent.skynetblogs.be/>>.

The trike has 100mm positive trail, 57.5° pivot angle, 1150mm wheelbase, 700mm track, 380mm BB height, 340mm seat height, 430mm BB-FWA and a 21° seat angle.

The steering is independent of the tilt, so a Python front is definitely a possibility, and would actually be about 2kg lighter - which could be a big plus. The frame I built 12kg, which is fine for the coastal area where I live, which is mostly flat.


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