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  • Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 22:20:57 +1000

Hi all,

For those who contacted me from the list now undertaking Jetrike projects, please find my latest recommended geometry for Jetrike designs at


This is also available from my updated geometry page.


There are three variations, a Lowracer, one with a higher less reclined seat and one with a narrow track, as per requests. I feel pretty confident with these sets of geometry, but as always this is an experimental design.

From all of the testing I have done on my existing trike, I can confirm that the self-center does work, really well actually. But I am now convinced it favors a drive train like the Python with negative trail. The current positive trail design has to be carefully balanced by ensuring the steering is dead center. This is because the contact patch of the turning front wheel alters the balance fulcrum, and if turned much from dead center will tip the trike. I am pretty certain that negative trail will correct this and hopefully create a setup that is easier balanced.

I have a much better understanding of the interplay of the different angles in the geometry, and it is surprising how well it works. Helping to center when centered and helping to lean when leaning. Still I don't know yet what the high speed stability will be like, but that will come.

I am working on a short video -- which I will post on youtube when its done -- burnt up way too much bandwidth on the last ones :-)


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