[python] I rode 12k today

  • From: "Jim Sparks" <spider@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 19:41:46 -0400

I managed to ride 12k today.  As I said I put the trike rear on and rode 10K
with it.  Pictures of the trike rear will follow soon.  


I did this to get the hang of steering.  I now realize that your hip
movement is more important than trying to steer with your legs.  Once I
could hold a good line for 1k I then changed to the single rear wheel.  I
found that what I had learned from the trike helped LOTS.  I was able to
ride for 2k with only 1 fall and that was my own fault.


Note to Brian Smith:


Find a friendly machine shop.  They will probably so interested in what you
are building that they will give you more help than you need.  Since my
Python is the only one in the Caribbean I got my welding done for free just
so they could see me ride it.  I haven't done any welding for 40 years so I
greatly appreciated their help.  I cut all the parts my self so they only
had to weld them together.


For us old folks who haven't ridden a bike in years, I recommend starting
with a trike rear first.  I probably will not put the trike rear on the
Python again but it was worth it just to kick start my learning process.


By the way, I call the trike version a "Trithon"  :>) 


Jim Sparks


230 lbs and 62 years old.



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