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Wow, very cool plans  :)  I wish I had the patience to do stuff like that.
A couple things that I have sort of compiled with my friend with regards to
experimenting on the pythons:
1.  Use as many of Jurgen's dimensions as possible, because he seems to have
hit the nail on the head.  Most of the experimenting after the fact by most
of the builders is to see if the design can be tweaked slightly for better
performance, high speed handling, low speed handling, portability, etc.
2.  For the first one, to ease learning to ride, keep the seat height high
enough so that your butt is at least at axle height (if not slightly higher)
as the higher you are, the more time you have to react to balancing as you
learn to ride.  As you get accustomed to the bike, you can always lower the
seat again.  Hopefully, you can still reach the ground with your hands as
this also aids in learning to ride.
3.  Seat back angle, through experimenting, is also important.  The python
steers by flexing at the hips and pushing lightly with the legs from side to
side.  The more upright you are, the easier this is to do (until the point
that you are so upright that your thighs and stomach are interfering with
each other), the more laid back, the more it feels like a "body roll"
instead of a "hip flex".  Fewer muscles seem to be required to steer sitting
up more, than if you are more reclined.
4.  My friend is short and has a short inseam, but he uses 26" wheels too.
The higher the seat (sort of goes along with #2), the further forward you
can move the seat.  So, instead of your inseam having to go across the
widest (or wider) diameter part of the wheel, a high, forward seat can let
you reach across the wheel, above the axle, which is a shorter distance.
5.  Lastly, keeping the BB close to seat height, or at least hip height,
also aids is contral during learning.

> Hi Guys
> Several days ago I stumbled on the Python page and now I think I may be
> hooked! What a cool machine!! It hit me on many levels!
> I just got off the phone ordering a length each of 20 x 10 x 1.5, 40 x 10
> 2mm tubing and if the later is too heavy (2 vs. 1.5) I hedged my bets with
> 30 x 10 x 1.5 which seems to have worked for Torbin (I have been reading
> list archives).
> It may be a while before I build as I still have to work out my design.
> problem is I reeeeeally want the 26" wheels yet don't have the inseam for
> them, the legs yes. I'll figure it out, just may take me a bit. I have
> making some study plans on Pro/E (about 2 days now) which still have a
> way to go. If anybody has any comments on them they can be found mid way
> down ("plans in PDF form") on a quickie page I whipped up;
> http://surfin_dude.tripod.com/TempBent/Python.html
> <http://surfin_dude.tripod.com/TempBent/Python.html>
> Anyway it looks like another "egg may have hatched". I'll try not to ask
> many stupid questions.
> Cheers
> Daryl Bender


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