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Dirk Bonné wrote:
On 29.06.2010 00:39, Rhisiart Gwilym wrote:
Hi Pythonists,
I placed the "handlebars" behind the seat, on the central part. Actually, the idea was to have a leg steer only Python. But I still needed something mount the levers for the gearhub and the break. The point is, my python reacts clearly to the handlebars. The reaction is on changes up and down rather than left and right. I am sure it can be steered by the handlebars. Obviously, this does not provide any damping action and I feel the reactions to the handlebar movements are nervous. For now I have decided to leave the handlebars alone and steer leg only.

Well, I am not a competent python rider, riding only on a car park yet but I though I put in my little experience.


I had a solidly-fixed cross bar briefly, mounted on the central section, with no connection to the front, steering section. It was shoulder width, and set so that I could brace down on it quite strongly with both hands. Seems to me that it had a distinct steering influence, because of me being able to press down on either side, and to use that bracing to throw upper body weight sideways. I never yet got the hang of staying on the bike for long, though, even with that bar.

Now, I have over-the-knees handlebars mounted on the front part. These steer effectively when my feet are OFF the pedals, but seems to lose much of their effect when my feet are on, and pedalling. Mysterious!
Leg-steer is the dominant force, handlebars is just adding to the steer. It seems confusing at first riding with hand-steer and leg-steer at the same time. I remember in the beginning (flevo-time), that I was really pulling very hard on the handlebars trying to counteract what my legs were doing. One is not going to learn riding the python by overriding leg-steer.

I do not think that handlebars are really helpful for the first period.

May be you need like this:


It is made to learn riding a flevo (the riding technique of flevo and python is very simular). I excerpted a piece using google translate, here you are:

    What is this piece for?
    The practice-trike rear section is intended for people who have
    purchased a FlevoBike, and thus ease to learn cycling.
    In FlevoBike is finally driving - once you've learned - very
    relaxed, but that learning is certainly not easy in the beginning.
    You should really learn to drive all over again, like you probably
    used as a child on a standard bicycle've learned. Only: If you're
    not a kid anymore, it's all a bit slower.
    How long it takes before you can ride the bike, is very different
    for each person. There are people who after a week is a
    holiday-trip to make, but most people have several months of daily
    driving short pieces needed to familiarize themselves with it to
    feel. The practice-trike rear section is designed to help with the
    very first piece. That is the hardest. If you have a week long
    exercise it every day, is expected to end its possible with an
    ordinary Flevobike drive. There is a clear manual with
    To really get the feeling of total control over the bike to get,
    and relax with their arms crossed to touring, this is not meant to
    piece back. For that you simply much with your own bike to ride.

I used a batten on my first training session that was fixed at right angle under the Python. It allowed the Python to to tilt only a bit. Of cause the batten takes some damage from scraping over the ground. You can see it in the picuture below. Of cause one could fix weels on the end of the batten but it worked out for me without.


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