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  • From: Rhisiart Gwilym <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:39:09 +0100

Hi Pythonists,
I placed the "handlebars" behind the seat, on the central part. Actually, the idea was to have a leg steer only Python. But I still needed something mount the levers for the gearhub and the break. The point is, my python reacts clearly to the handlebars. The reaction is on changes up and down rather than left and right. I am sure it can be steered by the handlebars. Obviously, this does not provide any damping action and I feel the reactions to the handlebar movements are nervous. For now I have decided to leave the handlebars alone and steer leg only.

Well, I am not a competent python rider, riding only on a car park yet but I though I put in my little experience.


I had a solidly-fixed cross bar briefly, mounted on the central section, with no connection to the front, steering section. It was shoulder width, and set so that I could brace down on it quite strongly with both hands. Seems to me that it had a distinct steering influence, because of me being able to press down on either side, and to use that bracing to throw upper body weight sideways. I never yet got the hang of staying on the bike for long, though, even with that bar.

Now, I have over-the-knees handlebars mounted on the front part. These steer effectively when my feet are OFF the pedals, but seems to lose much of their effect when my feet are on, and pedalling. Mysterious!

I'm still practising every day to try to ride the bike, but I think that when the trike back end is complete, if I'm not better at biking by then, that could be the end of my efforts with two-wheeled Pythons. I've just not been able to get the knack so far. If I hadn't seen all the videos, I'd suspect that it's an unrideable concept. Yet clearly that's not so. The steering pivot angle on my bike is just nicely in the narrow 'sweet' range, too. I don't get it. RhG

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