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Ok, this is an OLD post, but it got filtered to the wrong folder and was
buried for . . . well, months :)  Anyway, Google Earth is cool, but have you
see Frappr?  It is a Google system and you can create a Python group that
Python owners/builders/riders can enter their location in.  You don't need
to be very precise with the addresses if security is an issue, and you can
get away with just a city name, no other info.
Main site:  http://www.frappr.com/

A sample:  http://www.frappr.com/?a=constellation_map&mapid=120840

| Something off topic:
| One of my favorites programs is Google Earth.
| You can download the Windows XP version for free from
| http://dl.google.com/earth/client/GE4/current/GoogleEarthWin.exe
| But you better have a DSL internet connection to use it.
| The location where I life is here:
|   49°35'57.58"N 11° 0'14.91"E
| Just paste this coordinates into the search field of Google Earth
| and press enter.
| I would appreciate some coordinates from you, to see where you live...
| Regards,
| Jürgen.


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