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yes it should but i don't know if anyone tried yet.
Jürgen claimed that his px5 was next to unrideable. There should be quite some 
documentation on the px5 if you search the python mail archive at freelists for 

what questions me is the direction of the pivot. in dennis solution he is using 
handlebars and the pivot angle is pointing towards the front part of the bike 
while located behind the center towards the rear part ... i wonder if this 
would result in just the opposite of self centering... i expected the pivot to 
point towards the rear part once located closer to the rear end in oder to keep 
the self centering effect. Maybe something to simulate with to beams with a 
pivoted joint.


>has anyone ever tried to build a rws recumbent with a pivot like in the 
>attached picture8green line). would that not create a self centering 
>effect? Because when you rotate the rear wheel you would lift the cog?
>Miche wrote:
>> Hello Listies,
>> I'm new to this list, so let's introduce myself first.
>> My name is Miche (Michael), i'm 26 Years old and live near Ingolstadt
>> in Bavaria, Germany. I hope you excuse my bad english. My understanding
>> of driving physics is limited too. I'm interested in Recumbents for a
>> few years now and thought about buying a HP Speedmachine, but then the
>> long chain seemed to be a bad idea for me. Also the high price is a
>> problem for me.
>> After an accident with my upright last year falling over the
>> handlebars, knocking out a tooth, getting some scars in the face and
>> hurting my knee to be unable to walk about six weeks, i'm sick of that
>> old-fashioned stuff. Then i thought about FWDRWS. Searching the web i
>> found the page of Eric Wannee which marked my idea undoable. Then i
>> found Flevo, Airbike and Python and found it quite good. Then i
>> searched the list archive and found Dennis Renners Bike which
>> fascinated me.
>> Now back to the topic.
>> I have attached a modified picture of Dennis Renners Bike (Original: on
>> top-right of his blog at http://recumbentsartandpoems.blogspot.com/)
>> After comparing it to the Python PX.5 on the bottom of Jürgen Mages
>> Page at http://www.python-lowracer.de/modifications.html i thougt they
>> are kind of similar. Unfortunately i did not find any further
>> information about the PX.5 (Handling on low and high speed, mileage,
>> who built it, ...).
>> According to Eric Wannees classification (which in my eyes makes sense)
>> both, the one of Dennis Renner and the PX.5 are rear steered front
>> driven bikes. On both bikes if you virtually rotate the reer-wheel
>> around the pivot axle, its lowest point is when the steering angle is
>> straightforward. So i don't think it is self-centering. But as you can
>> see on the pictures both bikes have a lot of positive trail of the reer
>> (steering)-wheel. So maybe it will overwaight the missing
>> self-centering effect even at low speed.
>> On the picture of the PX.5 i don't see handlebaars and it seems to me
>> as if the seat is mounted to the front part. I would wonder if it can
>> be driven without handlebars. I would not call it a Python.
>> If i understand Dennis Renner right, then a lot af work is made on how
>> to realize the interface handlebars - steering-angle. Maybe he is doing
>> a stroke of genius somewhere around there. Maybe we will see if he
>> comes over with his plans on some day.
>> Please correct me if i'm wrong at any point.
>> Have a nice day.
>> Miche
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