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  • Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:21:56 -0400


Just a few more;

This shows the paper plots mounted to the metal with 3M Remount I
mentioned last time. You cut the paper to the rough (oversize) outline
then you just spray the metal and the back of the paper and use a
plaster spatula to spread the paper absolutely flat. In 5 minutes its
ready. This is a simple outline but the method is great for complexity,
calculated curves, high quantity etc. The contrast provides excellent
visibility when cutting (as in the pic). I sand up to the line afterward
on my belt/disc sander.

This is a pic of the rear frame. It's the suspension cross tube that
went Kryptonite on me. The cross tube slides into the main frame tube.
It's overlong here as I had yet to weld it. (The blue fork is not what
I'll be using for this but happened to be handy while I was "figurin'")

I thought I'd also mention some tools I find handy when doing this kind
of stuff (I'm not affiliated in any way with Lee Valley). 

The first is an optical punch. If you want repeated accuracy I find it
good, particularly when combined with the paper plot approach. The
plastic is essentially a light pipe with a cross hair on the end. For
onesie-twosie its likely not worth it but if you do a fair amount of

This saddle square is very handy when working with any kind of square
tubing. Bang for the buck here is very high. I just jab my scribe into
the metal at the exact measured distance and slide this square up
against the scribe. Then a quick scribe gets two sides of the tube which
I like for band sawing. I do have Starrett combo squares etc but for
marking tubes quick and accurate this is the cats ass!


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