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Hi Frank,
I guess it is just a question off getting used to.
First off all, if you stoped using the coaster break, your peadals will be in 
aproximately the correct position.
If not you just put in the lowest gear and let the bike roll back a small bit - 
the peadals will  turn backwards as well, getting into position. This takes 
care off the issue most off the time. 
In my expirience this works only with the geared versions off the coaster 
break  hubs, the single speed versions won't turn the peads back.
Older geared coaster break Hubs sometimes had a freewheel “gear“.


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Somewhere someone wrote that the backward pedaling is not used with the 
bicycle. I think especially for recumbent bikes that's not really true. I'd 
really hate it if I couldn't correct the pedal position when waiting in front 
of a traffic light to get a good first push to start pedaling and balancing. I 
just can not start from every pedal position.

But maybe with a low python recumbent, where you can reach the ground with both 
hands, this problem is not so important. And I think when you push the bike 
backwards on the ground, the crank also should turn backward so that it is 
possible to get the desired pedal position.

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