[purejavacomm] Version 0.0.19 released

  • From: Kustaa Nyholm <feedback2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: purejavacomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 12:51:27 +0200

Hi PureJavaComm fans,

Version 0.0.19 is out!

This version should solve a hanging read/write issue
when close is called from an other thread and
a spurious error condition on Windows when clearing
a pending overlapped io wait.

Also lots of improvements by Colin Leitner, thanks!

See the ChangeLog for details.

br Kusti


Version 0.0.19

* Changed to the use of CancelIoEx for canceling all I/O in close() to prevent
  hanging when I/O is in progress in an other thread.

* Ignore all errors when trying to clear pending wait in select()

Thanks for Colin Leitner for contributing following!

* Handle free form device paths correctly, by returning a
  CommPortIdentifier for any existing device path, even if opening that
  port fails

* Changed access to test port name to use getPortName

* Added check for port ownership and fixed test case to handle a
  non-enumerated test port gracefully

* Added TwoPortSerialTest for tests that can't be run without two
  independent serial ports

* Increased maximum timeout value to 1100, which was necessary to reliably
  run this test on a windows machine

* Added check for valid device path in CommPortIdentifier
  getPortIdentifier(String portName)

* Removed port detection feature from the TestBase. It's been
  preventing a proper test setup

* Let the test suite return an exit value of 1 on failure
  Version 0.0.18

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