[purejavacomm] Version 0.0.11 released

  • From: Kustaa Nyholm <feedback2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: purejavacomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:02:17 +0200

Hi PureJavaComm fans,

Version 0.0.11 is out!

This release has a lot of small improvements and clears
the way to improving performance, especially on
low performance platforms like RaspberryPI.

See the ChangeLog, quoted below, for details.

br Kusti


Version 0.0.11

* Moved over to JNA DiretMapping in Linux back end to squeeze
  out better performance on low end Linux system like

* Added property name 'purejavacomm.pollperiod' allow tuning of
  polling period for port control lines. Default is 10 (msec)
  if the property is not set, this is compatible with previous
  practice and RXTX.

* Changed property name 'purejavacomm.use_poll' to
  'purejavacomm.usepoll' for consistency.
  Old name is supported but deprecated.

* Added pipe() to JTermios API, not implemented on Windows

* Fixed getReceiveThreshold() and isReceiveThresholdEnabled() to
  return correct values

* Fixed a bug that caused read(...) to block if the requested
  number of bytes was less that the set receive threshold value

* Re-ordered logging initialization so that setting the log level/mask
  in code always works and overrides any properties regardless of
  when/where the setting is set in code.

* Fixed a logging format typo in Linux/poll code path

* Removed flushing of the serial port while opening it as this is not
  required by JavaComm spec, RXTX does not do it, and it may loose
  data if the device starts send something as soon as the port is open.

* Fixed PureJavaSerialPort to set FLOWCONTROL_NONE in hardware when
  opening the port
  (previously the hardware was untouched which was confusing because it
  looked like the default was no flow control.)

* Fixed checkReturnCode() to return the correct class/line where the
  error code was checked

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