[pure-silver] Re: where to to house the new pure-silver

  • From: Ron Schwarz <rs@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 17:14:13 -0400

03:15 PM 9/9/2004 +0100, Rob Champagne wrote:
>Thanks to Jim for his quick response in setting up this list.
>I do have one or two resevations about its location and I do think that
Edward Zimmermann's offer of hosting the list on their servers is the
absolute best offer that is likely to be given for the new home of
pure-silver.  It would just take a little longer to set up but would likely
offer more long term options since Edward has access to implement server
side technologies which you don't have the ability to do on a free list.
>Their site is at:

Well, here's my vote for "if it works, don't fix it."

And it certainly seems like "it works" so far.


>My main concern is that I frequently unsubscribed from pure-silver and
downloaded the archive files to keep up todate.  I don't think this is an
option which exists on freelists.

I've got the archives from "the last era" posted here:


I'll be updating them until Tim shuts the lists down.

After that, I'd be glad to maintain archives for this list too on that site
(as I mentioned on the other list), but I would need Jim's OK before I'd be
willing to proceed.

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