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Metol does not dissolve well in sodium sulfite solution so it should be put up separately. AFAIK, the other ingredients can be combined.
     Richard Knoppow

Isn't the old advice: weight out all the sulphite you need, put from that amount a pinch in the water volume you need, than add all the metol
and stir..

The reasoning being that you need a tiny bit of sulphite to get the
metol into solution more easily?

No. It is there to keep the Metol from oxidizing before the rest of the sulphite is added. I do not know if it really makes any difference, but I do that. The amount of sulphite I add is about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon (not measured) when the amount of sulfite the formula requires is 100 gm.

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I've also seen the recommendation of using a pinch of sulfite. I don't know if it works but am a bit suspicious. Actually, the metol is such a strong oxygen absorber that the first pinch of that will be more effective than the sulfite. One way of reducing dissolved oxygen in the water is to boil it. This does three things:
1, drives off dissolved gasses.
2, converts some mineral content to a form that is precipitated on the vessel. 3, cooks any organic matter which then precipitates as the water is allowed to cool. The procedure is to boil for a few minutes and then allow to cool without disturbing the water. Then carefully decant or syphon the clear water from the vessel.

Richard Knoppow
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