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C.Breukel@xxxxxxx wrote:

Metol does not dissolve well in sodium sulfite solution so it should be put up separately. AFAIK, the other ingredients can be combined. Richard Knoppow

Isn't the old advice: weight out all the sulphite you need, put from
that amount a pinch in the water volume you need, than add all the metol
and stir..

The reasoning being that you need a tiny bit of sulphite to get the
metol into solution more easily?

No. It is there to keep the Metol from oxidizing before the rest of the sulphite is added. I do not know if it really makes any difference, but I do that. The amount of sulphite I add is about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon (not measured) when the amount of sulfite the formula requires is 100 gm.

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