[pure-silver] Re: my dog ate my film.... A toxicology consult

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 05:15:37 GMT

Silver is an inert metal.  It's used in jewelry and dental work. I have silver 
in my teeth.  I also have 3 silver pins holding part of my skull in place.  
Upon personal experience/observations, your dog will get short, fat, bald,near 
sighted, and flat feet.  If over exposed to silver he may need to walk with a 
stick and hang around retired academics moaning about u.s. govt. policy 
was my former boss (the supreme being and dear fearless leader ) your science 
If so that would explain the genesis of your concern, 
He was the one who killed our photo enrichment class claiming the distilled 
water was a fire hazard and silver, being  heavy metal, was a toxic element.
He also shared with me that he was smarter because he had a higher rank.  My 
students needed to increase their reading and math scores.
Half of my students were unable to use a stand up urinal or lactate.  All my 
fault too.
We graduated 30%, pretty good?
Your friend, and recently retired contentious teacher, baba
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