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In many applications Id rather have the 122 year old lumber than some of the excuse for lumber they have available today.  If its sagging make sure it was strong enough in the first place.  They have a better understanding of spans distances and strength needed to handle the loads for a given span.  You may need 2x6 instead of 2x4's  Is the inside finished??  Would adding a post or two for support be a big problem in the use of the room?  May not be a big deal for some rooms, but if you need to drive a car in, it better be a pretty big room to get it in and not hit a post.  LOL  You would be amazed at how well some of the old sheds have held up over time.

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Subject: [pure-silver] Re: light tight louvered vents
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Thanks Ken that's what I was thinking too!  
The old 2x4's are much larger than present day but still they ain't that strong esp. after 122 years.

If some of the ceiling joists are sagging, others will likely soon follow. Sister them all and be done with it! Of course you need to take into consideration the additional weight load from the new lumber added, so maybe you should remove/replace all the ceiling joists. Go to HGTV and ask Mike Holmes!

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