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  • From: titrisol <titrisol@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 13:01:14 -0700 (PDT)

Marc, put the camera (film plane) and picture perfectly parallel
to one another.
I'd use diffused lighting as not to get reflections and make 5
or 6 different exposures.  I'd try using the lens that would
cover the whole area with reasonable distance.  Also try working
not at wide open.

A yellow filter may help to bring contrast up, spececially if
the picture looks yellow.

Reflections from glass (if you use it) maybe your worst enemy.  
A polarizer may help reducing reflections from the glass.

As for film, any fine grain film will work.  Tmax 100 is
perfectly fine.

IMHO you'll lose some information by having a 2nd generation
copy, but it may surprise your friend's grandfather to have
another one made.

--- Marc Peeters <marc.peeters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Subject: duplicate info
> I need some information for what I can expect for the next
> job.
> At this moment it is to hot here in Belgium for going into ma
> darkroom.  We have about 30°C during the day which mean in my
> darkroom 6-7° more.
> But a friend of the family asked me to make a new picture for
> his grandfather.  The picture was made in the year 35. There
> is no negative so I need to make a new one.  Dimensions of the
> pictures are 50cm x 70 cm (+- 20 x 26).  He asked me to make a
> new picture with the same size.
> I'm planning to make a new negative with my 6x6 Hasselblad. 
> Which lens can I use for the best result 50 - 80 ore 150  ?? 
> Is it better to use it with rings (I have 10 and 21).  Do I
> need to put a glass on the picture before I make a new
> negative or gives this to much reflections ??
> I usually use T-max 100, is this OK or is there something
> better for these things ??
> And what can I expect from the general result  ??  Will it
> have the same sharpness or much less ??
> Thanks a lot
> Marc

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