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  • From: Tim Daneliuk <tundra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:55:35 -0500

DarkroomMagic wrote:

> I'll maintain that this is all a bunch of amateur-lawyer gobbledygook, based
> on an artificially paranoia, created by an exaggerating legal community to
> intentionally scare the dickens out of us, forcing us to hand over our
> money, so they can send their kids to even more expensive colleges, so they
> continue to do even more damage to our kids and their society, ending up
> with everyone being afraid to leave the house or talk to anyone about
> anything, including the web.
> I've never gone to a barber without being told to be needing a hair-cut.
> I've never gone to the doctor without being told to be needing medication.
> I've never gone to a lawyer without being told to be needing a contract.
> Forget all of that, and let's get the CD out to everyone who wants it, since
> they could get it off the internet anyway. If someone puts it together, I
> will distribute it at cost without making any profit. If they want to sue me
> for it, let them, but they won't, because there is no law violation in doing
> so, and I have no property to speak off anyway. The former makes it legal,
> and the latter will kill any lawyer's interest in a hurry.
> After that, let's get back to photography, please.
> Regards
> Ralph W. Lambrecht

This entire discussion is moot.  The archives are currently available for
anyone to download.  They are mirrored elsewhere so this can be done in the
future.  They are indexed and searchable in yet several other places.
There is NO compelling reason to take on the legal risk, however miniscule,
of selling a cd.

I reiterate, the issue is not what is legal, but what the RISK might be.
The risk here is not because lawyers and the law are naughty.  The risk
here is because intellectual property law, especially international
flavors thereof, is not precise, clear, and well-established.  Let
IBM fight this to clarity, I'm not taking that risk, even if it is
a .0000001% of being sued.
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