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I have an internal Zip and an external Zip. They have been working, without any problems, for several years.


I had two different problems. My first Zip drive, an early one which had a parallel port connection, was on my old 486 computer. It began to develop the "click of death" ruining several discs, and then prevented the computer from booting. My second Zip drive was a factory rebuilt 250mbt drive with USB port for this computer. It worked for several months and then began to prevent the computer from booting. I engaged in e-mail correspondence with Iomega, who offered to replace it under warrenty if I sent it back but then failed to send me the address to which it should be sent. I asked several times and never got an answer. I finally gave up. I still have it in a box. Perhaps I should try it again. If I can get it to work once I can transfer all the discs I have to the hard drive and then to DVD's. I don't want to buy another drive simply to transfer the discs. For some time we had "cart machines" at work (Fox TV) which used Zip drives. We kept a good supply of spares in stock because they failed pretty frequently. This was mostly the "click of death" failure. I think we still have some in service but I would like to see them replaced, perhaps with some sort of DVD or CD player. Iomega drives were very common for a long time on graphics equipment. AFAIK those were reasonably reliable. The trouble seems to have started with the Zip disc. Of course, they are obsolete because of writable and re-writable optical discs. BTW, I just developed a roll of 120 100T-Max (the new stuff) in Ilford Perceptol. I've done this with 35mm T-Max 100 in the past and got excellent super-fine-grain results. The roll is still hanging. I may try to print some of it tonight.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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