[pure-silver] Re: Who is left in the B&W market?

  • From: "Ralph W. Lambrecht" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: PureSilverNew <pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:01:47 +0100


I like to talk to you in more detail (maybe via the phone one evening this
week). You are making a few good points. However, I'm trying to make a
complex issue simpler. I don't want a complete list of all 'potentials'. I
like to keep a list of realistic and practical manufacturers up-to-date. No
exotic stuff either. Simple B&W film and paper with good or reasonable
quality and available too.


Ralph W. Lambrecht


On 2006-02-14 09:39, "Edward C. Zimmermann" <edz@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Quoting "Ralph W. Lambrecht" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Fuji's Rembrandt paper is made by Fuji, but again not intended for export
>> with some exporters to do so anyway. It will be added to the list.
>> Oriental paper is made by... Ilford!
> Ralph, not so quick.. Even "IF" the new emulsions are from Ilford they are
> being finished in Japan and the old emulsions are still available (just
> no longer being coated). Can Cybergraphics (the current name of Oriental)
> still coat?
> In talking about a lot of materials we are NOT really talking about coating
> since few of us (not even the makers) really know what they'll be coating
> (and offering) only what they have in stocks (either cut down or still in
> master/jumbo rolls) and what they could make should they choose to. A lot
> of materials don't get coated very often. Technical Pan, for instance, may
> have been discontinued a year ago but the last time it was coated was
> in the 1990s. Some companies still can coat but don't and a few companies
> selling product don't coat anymore since they no longer have the coating
> capacity. Ilford, for example, had the capacity but for a time was not
> coating (and the future was open). AgfaPhoto (currently in liquidation) has
> the capacity but stopped coating (and the future of the coating capacity is
> open and bleak).
> Instead maybe of asking "who is making film and paper" and "what", it might
> make more sense to ask "Who still has the capacity to coat film and/or
> paper"? And then ask (not the same question): Who is currently coating.
> The list will look quite different and many MORE companies will show up..
> There are several companies in the world currently coating motion picture
> print, X-Ray and special industrial materials. The intellectual content of
> our films, of course, are different but we are talking of "capacity" (and
> among the list are companies with IP but no capacity)...
> We need to also talk about product. There are many suitable "industrial"
> films that can well be used into our cameras.. such as traffic/surveillance,
> microfilm and cine stocks. There are loads of 35mm microfilms available (and
> its still hardly obsolete technology). Sure, few microfilms are available for
> our 35mm cameras as most are unperforated.. but they CAN be perforated..
> P.S.: Fotokemika no longer exists and has gone into liquidation. The property
> in Zagreb was sold. The machines were moved and the company went bankrupt.
> The new company is "Nova Fotokemika" in Samobor. This is, I think, the basis
> for the name "Adox" as the future of Efke is unclear. Are they coating?

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