[pure-silver] Re: Who is left in the B&W market?

  • From: Bill Stephenson <photographica@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 02:55:24 -0500

Thanks, Georges. With paper, I'm strictly a fiber-based user (when I actually have a chance to use any, which is rare these days). I tried an RC paper several years ago and, although the image seemed to be the equal of FB, I couldn't stand the idea of printing on "plastic" (or something that feels like plastic). Now, after reading your reply, you'd practically have to *give* me the RC or RP paper! By choice, I'll stick with fiber for so long as it's available. Which is...?????


On Tuesday, February 14, 2006, at 02:03  AM, Georges Giralt wrote:

Bill Stephenson a écrit :
Looking at the Oriental website, I see that they have an "RP" (Resin-Protected) paper - coated with resin on both sides. According to them, washing, etc., is shortened since the paper absorbs no liquid. My question is - what happens if you trim a sheet before processing? Does that leave a cut edge that *will* absorb chemistry?
Hi Bill !
All RC paper are made that way. Master rolls are cut down to size. So if you forgot paper in the wash, the edge swell too much in the water and they began to destroy.
This is why some RC prints yellow at the margin with age. This is because the cut edge had got chemistry and that chemistry hadn't washed out. But you must be really sloppy in processing to have such effects.

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