[pure-silver] Re: The Quest and My Heresy??

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 01:44:30 +0000

Tim Rudman wrote:
Yes, I know what the image is Dana, and how it gets onto the print is critical to how it communicates with the viewer - and therefore how 'interesting' it is (to that viewer), or perhaps 'engaging' might be a better term for what I mean.
I'm not sure I follow "how it gets onto the print is critical".  What do you
mean by this?
My point is that the image - the print - is the result.  There's a process
that results in a print, but the viewer doesn't see the process, or even
really care about the process.  The print stands alone.

The viewer may or may not be aware of the process Dana, depending on their
interest and experience, but the print only 'stands alone' because of it and
the elements within it.


I am posting late as I am way behind in reading my email. I know there are many posts below the last one that I read and by the time anyone reads this the subject will likely have been beaten to death... I finally just had to weigh in.

There are Images and there is "Art."

Anybody can create an image, but can just anyone create Art? My answer is a qualified YES.

The following are my concepts. Feel free to agree or disagree. I won't try to tell you that I am right or wrong...

An ARTIST is someone who has a vision that they would like to convey to others. They use some medium to convey this vision (or idea) to others. That medium might be words, or music, or paint, or scuplture, or even photography. In order for that artist to relay that vision (or idea) to someone else they must master the tools and techniques of their chosen medium. The better their skill and mastery of the medium the better they are able to communicate with their potential viewers.

As a photographer attempting to produce art I must previsualize what the final output from the image I am trying to create will look like. Before tripping the shutter I decide what to photograph, the time of year, time of day, and conditions under which I will make my exposure. I make decisions about lens choice, shutterspeed, aperture, and zone placement. I decide what film I will use to make the negative with, and when exposing I have a very good idea of the paper and size print I ultimately will want to create, as well as any other special processing that I might want to do to make the print equal my visualized end result. In short, before tripping the shutter I know what I want the image to ultimately look like and the intermediate steps in the process of creating the print that conveys my Vision (or Idea) to the viewer.

As an (aspiring) artist, I must master the tools and techniques necessary to create the image that matches my vision. I don't see any problem in attempting to duplicate a technique that someone else has demonstrated in the attempt to master another technique and gain one more tool in my toobox of techniques for creating the images that match my vision.

As an (aspiring) artist, I will not show someone a "Lucky Mistake" and tell them it was art. I might try to understand how the lucky mistake happened and learn to create the effect on demand, but If I did not previsualize the result no matter how cool the image is it is not in my judgement ART, and even though someone else might think it is cool and that it speaks to them it is still not art because it was not the image that I set out to create.

The lucky mistake mentioned above is an Image. It is not art. I know that is splitting hairs, but the whole point is that it is our mastery of techniques that allow us to create the images that we visualize on demand.

I've rambled enough.  If you've read this far - THANKS for your patience!


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