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  • Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:52:43 +0100

I would like to emphasize that this info is hearsay on my part, albeit very
close to the ground.
IF true, it wouldn't be the first time that public denials have been made
contradicting fact. But I don't have personal inside info at first hand
level on this, only second hand so Ray is correct to suggest that this
should be taken into account.

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Tim and others,
this claim regarding Oriental Seagull papers you make is rather close to
home for me.  I previously documented my woes with Oriental seagull
regarding fogging and mottling on this list, however it was also encouraging
to note that Ryuji mentioned that he found no problems when testing the same
paper (and batch) that I have been testing (see
http://www.freelists.org/archives/pure-silver/04-2005/msg00276.html);  this
is another reason why I am cautious about making any assertions yet.   
I can probably go into more details when some more independent comparative
testing is undertaken since I'd rather be certain of the facts before
claiming too much. 
If what you say is true Tim, then its a sad state of affairs if either
- the employee who answered Ray's phone query at Oriental is being kept in
the dark and thereby being encouraged to unknowingly yet blatantly lie on
behalf of their boss, or
 - the employee is blatantly lying (and knows it) and their attitude is
Peter Badcock

 On 6/21/05, Tim Rudman <ps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Hi Ray,
The information came to me from perhaps the most respected professional
importer supplier in London, with longstanding professional and personal 
contacts with both.
Such arrangements are not always publicly admitted outside the trade for a
variety of good reasons of course and many of us have past experiences of
such things happening, so not too much surprises me. Do a test with Oriental

GF and see how dissimilar it is to Oriental papers and how close to Ilford.
This proves nothing on its own of course!

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