[pure-silver] Re: SPAM [eas eBay]

  • From: "Edward C. Zimmermann" <edz@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 21:52:38 +0100


E-mail is hardly reliable anymore. I have some traps for a bunch of words
and sentences but it seems that some of the newest zombie code snatches
fragments of text and parts of my own bits and randomly toss them together
to flood the gates. Or does everyone get random SPAMs with text talking about
fulltext and XML indexing technology (I write search engines), routing 
categorization, personalized news (I'm launching a site called IBU News
http://www.ibu.de) all kinds of cameras and bicycle gear hidden behind
images selling stocks or fake drugs?

I don't get 4 SPAMs a second into my own mailbox... more like between 10 and
100 per hour totaling only around 200-500 per day:-)

We put up some black lists to refuse connects from blacklisted sites and
networks. SPAM went down significantly but the phone too started ringing with
complaints that people could not send us mail... We've opened it a wee bit
to keep them happy but the SPAM seems just as bad a before.. 

Quoting john stockdale <j.sto@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Edward, that probably explains why my emails to you (about the bike fitting 
> page at bsn not being functional) were not answered!!   4 spams/sec is a

I need to turn it back on..
> lot of stuff to sort through!
> ============================
I delete it by the page (200 subject lines per page)...
I could use positive lists (like Richard) but then I'd hear complaints from
my customers (a few key accounts seem to like to use silly mail accounts to
get around their corporate mailers which sometimes seem to delay mail for
up to 2 hours by forwarding everything 5 times around the globe).. 

Edward C. Zimmermann, Basis Systeme netzwerk, Munich
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