[pure-silver] Re: Paperdeveloper for roller transport machine

  • From: "Roman J. Rohleder" <rjrohleder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 17:26:38 +0200

On 4/22/07, Martin Jangowski <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Astonishing. I just read the Ilford 2150 data sheet... they manage to
process a sheet of RC paper in 42s including 15s (!) washing time.

I suspect that process is designed around their dedicated RC paper
(Ilfopress?) and meant to be used in a "row setup" with a roll paper feeder,
a roll paper mask and such. Two cutting edges less to worry about, a very
minute time spent in the chemicals, a controlled environment with
temperature control, constant (hot?) water flow, replenished fix and dev...

I see no reason not to trust it.

I wonder how archival this is...

Time has proven that. I suspect that most consumer bw prints in Europe
during the last 15-20 years went through these or similar machines.

Grüße aus Hohenlohe,

        Martin Jangowski

Oh, and two other contenders for your call for chemicals for the Printo:

Amaloco 7007 is the dutch counterpart for the Ilford RT2150 chemicals and
Calbe is said to manufacture a kit for it, too. I see no reason not to use
that kit in a Printo or Metoform.

You may call Peter Loeffler and Banse&Grohmann about these 4l-kits... (and
I´m interested in prices, too).
Gruss, Roman

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