[pure-silver] Re: Paper Towels?

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  • Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 20:27:43 -0500

Bill Stephenson wrote:
John -

I didn't mean to infer that your question wasn't valid - it's just that we were in the midst of a circular "what is art" discussion.

For dust control, the best thing I've found - learned from a pro lab which used them to clean glass neg holders in enlargers, among other uses - is an old-fashioned baby diaper, machine washed at least a dozen times before use. They are extremely soft and kind to surfaces, they're as lint-free as any cotton product I've ever seen, and they do a great job of trapping dust - not just moving it around.

Now, the question is - can you still buy cotton diapers? My younger child is 34, and hasn't worn diapers for quite some time, and my grandkids are, of course, "Pampered" (or some similar brand). I still have 3 or 4, which I use, but haven't tried buying new ones.


Kind of a long link but you can find cloth diapers here:


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