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  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:50:35 +0100

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Back when I was trying to use F-9 on Kodak Elite Fine Art paper using  
 the Ilford short fixing times method, I found that F-9 was just not fast  
 enough, though faster than F-6. IIRC, it took about 2 minutes to really  
 fix the paper with that, and that was way over the 30 second maximum for  
 that method. Since that great paper is no longer available, I have not  
 sought a replacement for Kodak Rapid Fix (that I do not use). I have no  
 trouble with sulfur dioxide, but perhaps that is because I use F-6 fixer  
 instead of F-5. 
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I'm not using the Ilford short-fix scheme: with a washaid, there is little to 
gain in terms of wash time.

But, after your post, I wanted to try a 1 minute fix time (I doubt the 30 
seconds will be enough but should try one day).

As to be close to a worst-case scenario, the fix was already largely used 
(iodide test showed a consistent cloudiness), I processed a non-exposed print 
(Ilford Multigrade IV fiber), carefully washed the sample and did a test with 
the selenium test.

Looks like the F-9-like fixer is still pretty active as the selenium test was 
ok ...

Claudio Bonavolta


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