[pure-silver] Re: New Year Resolution - was: Film vs Digital

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 Like any topic on a list, if you ignore it than it has no effect on you. I'm 
not opposed to a restaurant that has items on the menu I don't care for. I 
choose those I like to order. I don't see the problem.
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 On 31/12/06, afterswift@xxxxxxx <afterswift@xxxxxxx> wrote:   Justin,
 I don't mind comparing digital to film. There are good reasons for doing it. 
Mainly to keep both technologies vital. And remain sharp in use of both. I feel 
comfortable using both digital and film.    
 Maybe I am in the minority.. It won't be the first time.
 The entire subject bores me to no end. It really does. Shoot digital, shoot 
film, shoot geese. The endless debate on this issue has been beaten to death. 
It's been argued, flamed, torched, buried and risen again so many times that I 
cannot begin to explain. 
 ..and after how many years of this debate, what has been concluded? That 
people will shoot with whatever they please.
 No, really ?

 Justin F. Knotzke 
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