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To me, this emphasizes the idea that I should be shooting for myself, first and foremost. The simple fact is that I am unlikely to achieve fame and fortune via my photography, so I had better be happy just making pictures for myself.

(The gallery owners simply fail to see my brilliance!)

At 02:09 PM 12/28/2006 , Bob wrote:

Hi Lloyd,

... most museums will look at any photographer's body of work if it is presented well. Let's ask ourselves what the curator is looking for.


December 29, 2006, from Lloyd Erlick,

That's an interesting comment. I think I need to communicate with curators more.

However, I have attempted to do so in the past. I figured I'd try to give (give! donate gift) some of my work to local institutions that would be appropriate for my work, such as the Toronto Archive. A very nice man talked to me. He certainly came across professionally, and clearly understood my desire. He said the archive would accept material such as my portrait photographs in print form, as long as the subjects were celebrities!

Other local (tax supported) institutions like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum were uninterested.

None of these were concerned about how the presentation looked. They did not care to look.

Commercial galleries (such as the Stephen Bulger Gallery here in Toronto) are not interested in my prints because portraits don't sell well to third parties.


Interesting discussion we can't find anywhere else on the Net.


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Shouldn't we be exchanging packages of our work for the purpose of archiving each others' prints, on a 'just in case' basis?

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