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Ok, I have been missing in action for quite a few months. All last summer I kept feeling bad and not doing well. In Sept. I had the first of the major attacks hit. Oct. 3rd I had my gall bladder out. This is supposed to be a simple out patient procedure. Several days later I was hauled by ambulance to the hospital where I was for the next several weeks. I had 4 more surgeries to try and correct the screw up that was done with the initial surgery. I have since been battling severe pancreatitis as a result of this, along with many perferated ulcers the many pools of bile caused. I have not been doing well. My hubby and son have been monitoring my email and trying (this is really hard for me) to keep me calm. As a result Emulsion Magazine has been held up. It took the perverbial wind out of my sails. Right now in my life, I'm more concerned with trying to live one day at a time, with as little pain as possible. I periodically have to be fed via a tube down my nose/throat. I will get the magazine going again, just right now, I do not have the umphf. So yell at me, and blame me. All the very good and wonderful people who have volunteered to help are not the ones to blame. The magazine is not broke, just stalled due to my illness. Sorry this has upset people. I have not tried to hide that I was ill or what the illness was.


What a nightmare! I am sure all on this list wish you well. I also hope this is something you can heal up from. Please keep in touch as best you can.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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