[pure-silver] Re: How do I increase local contrast in my shadows when printing?

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:21:14 +0200

I don¹t disagree with your explanation, but split-grade printing does not
increase local contrast beyond maximum paper contrast.


Ralph W. Lambrecht


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>> Hi there,
>> I was printing up a photo tonight, from a roll of 35mm HIE and I have a  dark
>> windmill set against a blue sky.  Because I had an R72 (89b) IR  Filter on,
>> the blue sky is very dark - which is quite typical of IR  shots.
>> The film has already been developed and I am now printing using Ilford MG  IV
>> RC pearl paper.  Even if I use a grade 5 filter, I can't seen to get
>> sufficient contrast between the dark sky and the windmill blades.  I can
>> scan the print in tomorrow if it helps woth suggestions, but without changing
>> paper brands or doing (selenium) toning, is there anything else I could try
>> to  get an increase in local contrast to make the windmill blades stand out
>> more  against the sky?
>> regards
>> Peter
> There is a whole subject of Split Grade Printing with hundreds of disciples
> who will, I'm sure, give you specific directions.  Simply put it is a system
> where you determine your highlight exposure in terms of contrast and your
> shadow exposure in terms of density.
> Your contrast exposure is found using a "0 Grade" filter by step wedge with
> the Yellow filter and then the density ("Grade 5") is applied on top of the
> contrast exposure with the Magenta filter.  The density (Magenta) step wedge
> is found on top of the decided upon Yellow exposure.
> As I said, there are many advocates of Split Grade printing, I am just one and
> I'm sure there are some who will disagree with my explanation, but that's what
> makes the world go around.
> Bruce
> Brooklyn, NY 
> camclicker@xxxxxxx
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