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  • From: Ray Rogers <earthsoda@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 07:38:36 -0700 (PDT)

Hummm... the answer to another question posed in private again answered in 
public... I sense a pattern evolving.

Oh well,

Two of my attempts having been thus far thwarted, I guess I will give up 
further attempts at "private communciaton". So... here we go public:

I do appreciate the detailed description of the screens- I don't think many 
photographers ever really grasp how those plates are made... I know your 
description was refreshing for me- to say the least. 

I don't really grasp the physics behind why the diameter of images are related 
to the intensty of the light, unless it involves light "bleed"... but anyway it 
is a fascnating aspect of photography that I wish I could have had a 
demonstration of way back when I frst began learning about photography, or even 
later, in college, but that is something that I missed... even today, I have 
attended conferences where electronic paper was being discussed and, naturally, 
no one had any samples!

On the other hand, I have seen some very fine present day collotypes. 

BTW, I am curious... is Jean-David Beyer a male or a female?
Please note that unlke the links you provided concering your relatives, I am 
not asking about sexual orentation... (I don't even know how they presume to 
discern such information, but oh well...)
Does the hyphen indicate marriage or was it a given name?



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> As I said in the private e-mail....

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