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Hello Group, here's some useful information from our favorite b&w supplier:

From: "Oliver Tan" <oliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: December 4, 2008 6:35:32 PM EST
To: <elroustom@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Kentona, Sent By: Elias Roustom (

Hi Elias,

We know of this problem before. The reason why there are some stains on
the paper is because Kentmere removed the cadmium that it originally
came with. Basically, this changed the whole composition of the
emulsion. A solution to correct this problem is to change developer and use distilled water. The less this paper soaks in chemicals, the better it will be for the paper also. If you are using a metol based developer,
try switching to a phenidone base developer or vice versa. Water also
plays a part in this chemical reaction that's why distilled water is

Europe is trying to ban cadmium because it is a known carcinogenic.
Manufacturers, not only in photography, but also in paints and others
reformulated their ingredients to remove cadmium.

Hope this clears up everything. Let us know if you need more information
or have any more questions.

Oliver Tan
Retail Asst. Manager
Freestyle Photographic Supplies
323.660.3460 x152

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Are you at Freestyle aware of the problems people are having printing on Kentona? I've uploaded two prints onto Flickr to show the staining that
is happening. http://www.flickr.com/photos/elroustom/3082943772/

I've found a photo.net thread where others are seeing the same thing.
Maybe between you and Kentmere you can figure it out. Unfortunately I
have  about 12 sheets left, and they're useless...



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