[pure-silver] Re: Filter advice?

  • From: Georges Giralt <georges.giralt@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 07:24:04 +0100

Len Eselson a écrit :

Hello folks.
I am just getting into large format (4X5) and shoot B&W exclusively. To date I have acquired 4 lenses ranging from 90 to 300 mm, and of course they all need differant filter sizes. Most of my shooting is outdoors.

Comments on these alternatives or other suggestions welcome.

Len Eselson

Hi Len !
I, for one, hate the Cokin and Lee filters. The resin they are made of is a dust magnet in dry climates. Add to that that this resin is prone to scratches when cleaned on the field to remove the dirt colleted.
My filter size problem is different from yours (Nikon lenses in 52 mm and 72 mm for the 300mm, Mamiya C lenses either 46 or 48 and old Schneider in 40.5 or 48 mm size) So I buy large one and step up rings. Du to "historic" reasons, I've a set on 52 and a set on 67 mm sizes.
Price keep me getting so many filters, and my photographic style thanks me for that.... But I'v bought the highest standard I can afford : B+W and Hoya.
Hope this helps
P.S. Cokin P system is perfect in the darkroom to hold under the lens filters for multi grade printing. So do not discard the holders if you've one.
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