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  • From: "Dana H. Myers" <dana.myers@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 10:15:26 -0800

Justin F. Knotzke wrote:

>    The other recent trick are sales on ebay with people who have
> excellent ratings but who are selling items with 1 or 3 days auctions at
> super low prices. These are people with hijacked accounts. Best way to
> detect this is if the scammer only accepts email to another address and
> not the one listed with their ebay account..

Another trick I'm seeing is bogus Second Chance offers.  This is where
you've bid on something on eBay, and, after the auction closes, you
get an email saying the auction fell through, offering you the item
at whatever bid you'd made.  You can tell these offers are bogus in
several ways:

- the offer does not appear in your 'My eBay' page
- the offer comes from a different email address than the original seller
  and asks for name/address/payment directly
- the original seller will confirm that they already sold the item

I bid on a Fuji GW690 and got a bogus Second Chance offer from
"admclck@xxxxxxx".  I spotted it immediately, so I asked the
scammer for additional photos of the camera, which the scammer could
not provide.  The scammer assumes a very aggressive tone, tried to
guilt me into "buying" the camera.  I confirmed with the original
seller that the camera had been sold.

A Google search found that "admclck@xxxxxxx" was also trying to
scam bidders in a rare pocket-knife auction.

About a week later, I got another phony Second Chance offer for the
same camera from "adamclarck@xxxxxxx".  I emailed and asked for more
information, but I think "Adam & Clarck" realized they were scamming
me again and hasn't replied.

Then, this morning, I've received yet another bogus Second Offer
from "nrsales2@xxxxxxx".

So watch out for bogus second-chance offers.

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