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In Diafine it goes about 1000, but in DDX it can give workable images at 3200.
Using a film at such high sensitivity has the drawback of grain and low 
But then again, it provides usable images

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>  I have an Ilford tech book on hand that says Delta 3200 actual  speed is 
>from 800 to 1000.
> Dennis
> On Sep 2, 2009, at 06:45, Shannon Stoney wrote:
>> My speed was always only 800 with DDX 1 + 4.  I thought the amount  of grain 
>> was pretty bad at long processing times like 15 minutes  and 70 degrees 
>> farhenheit.  Made people's faces look diseased!
>> --shannon

   If measured using the ISO method both the Ilford and Kodak films will 
measure about 800. Both of these films are intended to be overdeveloped by 
normal standards and the speed is not the ISO speed. They are designed to be 
pushable without excessive fog. The ISO speed method develops the film to what 
is in effect a standard contrast index although its specified as a prescribed 
range of densities to be produced from a prescribed range of exposures. The 
maxium speed available from these films depends on the developer. The highest 
speeds are obtained from fairly active developers using Phenidone or one of its 
relatives, like Kodak Dimezone, as the principle agent. Such developers include 
Ilford Microphen and Kodak T-Max RS and Xtol. The films do not do well in 
concentrated developers like HC-110. I thought DD-X was similar to T-Max but 
evidently its not.
   Xtol will probably deliver as much speed as T-Max or Microphen but with less 
grain, at least at EI 3200.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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