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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 15:42:07 -0700

Agnes wrote:

7. Three thibngs are used to rehydrate a body that has become dehydrayted. Potassium (banans) Sucrose (anything sugared will work), and sodium (salted peanuts) So combining #6 with #7 you should have banas, salted peanuts (also has protein in them) and sugared drinks (non carbonated that also wicks away moisture)

I'd suggest something like nuun tablets to mix up electrolyte
water as needed:


If you're reliant on food sources for electrolytes, you
run the risk of getting full and not taking-in electrolytes
along with water.  Of course, it's still important to eat
small meals frequently...

9. Eat something small every couple fo hours. Preferably something with protein. A small piece of Jerky or those peanuts from above are good, along with bite sized pieces of cheese.

Clif Bars cut into quarters also works.

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