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How  else?  The plastic is quite thin.. maybe 1/32 of an inch and more like
saran wrap than Plexiglas. It is not hard, and not rigid.

The stuff is cheap, so buy spare and try it......

You have one more possibility..... a 4 sided mask... Make the mask from 4
sheets of rubylith that are butted together.... and use a top sheet as a
"glue binder" sheet.  You tape the 4 sheets to the top sheet to hold it all
together.  Try it with paper first to figure out how to do it efficiently.

Frank Filippone

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Thanks to everyone for the speedy and helpful replies.

One more question regarding using the ruby lith as a mask:  does one cut it
freehand, like a window mat (I was never much good at doing those...)?  Any
additional suggestions appreciated!


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