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  • From: Daniel Williams <dtwilliams3@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 20:18:45 -0700

Ritab19106@xxxxxxx wrote:

I am considering making contact prints of my 120 negatives. Although some may think that prints that small are a bit too precious, I think it may in fact suit some of my pictures. My question is whether the special beauty of a contact print is lost or compromised if the negative is not actually in contact with paper while printing, but rather is placed in the negative carrier, as one does when making an enlargement? I'd like to avoid cutting my negatives if possible.



Yes, not having the negative in contact with your paper will degrade the image. Your enlarger brings the brings the image into focus at the plane of the paper; lifting the negative above the paper without focusing will only degrade it.

You do not necessarily have to cut your negatives. You can cut a mask that will keep light from falling on the paper beyond the margins of your negative. A simple solution might be to cut the correct size opening in some of the black plastic bag your paper comes in. Put a sheet of glass on top and give it a try. Put the sandwich of negative and plastic upsides down on a light box or tape the plastic to a window and then line your ne up in the opening and use some strips of tape to secure the neg to the plastic.

This is a primitive solution but it works.

Dan Williams

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