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Thanks again.
Back when I was at RIT, (when dinosours roamed the
earth), I did a project where I mixed D-72 5 times,
each mix missing a different one of the 5 components
to demonstrate the effect of each when printing.
Without sulfite the developer worked poorly and was
dark brown showing the importance of it preservative

So here's a follow up question.  Does it matter which
one I buy now?  For formulas calling for bi or meta,
is it "better" to have these exact compounds?  Just
wondering if I should stock them both.
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According to Ryuji Suzuki, Dr. Nishimura, and others, most commercially packaged Sodium Bisulfite is actually Sodium Metabisulfite. This was known to Kodak when they made up the formulas specifying the Bisulfite. Evidently, there is no difference once they are dissolved in water. I would buy whatever is available in the requisite purity at the lowest price.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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