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Snoopy <snoopy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Rodinal is also still available at my 

and I have successfully sent it all over the world :-)


ramon wrote:
> I liked APX100 to but what I really liked and miss is the developer 
> Rodinal. Does anyone know where to get that or maybe how to make it?
> Thanks,
> ramon
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> Subject: [pure-silver] Agfa APX 100
> I am down to my last roll of APX-100.
> I sure am going to miss this film.  It has been a favorite of mine for 
> years, specially when developed in D-23 with a Borax after bath.
> I have tried Ilford Delta-100, Arista, Fuji Across, and T-Max 100.  None 
> of them are the same, to me, as the old APX-100.  APX just fit for me, 
> and could count on it every time.
> Anyone have any suggestions?

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