[pure-lang] Re: Use MarkdownHere, Not an Ad!

  • From: Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-lang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 13:12:19 +0200

# aggraef@xxxxxxxxx / 2013-10-11 12:25:27 +0200:
> Ok, so for the fun of it and to give it a try (html mail haters please
> ignore):
>    -
>    One standard example of non-linear rules is factorization:
>    a*c+b*c = (a+b)*c;
>    a*b+a*c = a*(b+c);
>     -
>    Lambdas don?t really exist in Pure either. They are just being emulated,
>    by considering \x1 ... xn -> y as a shorthand for an anonymous function
>    symbol f defined by a single rewriting rule f x1 ... xn = y. This is all
>    described in more detail in the appendix of the
> PQR<http://purelang.bitbucket.org/quickref/pure-quickref.pdf>
>    .
> Seems to work reasonably well, but before we all start using this in a
> regular fashion, we should probably see whether any list members object to
> this. Also, this might be a problem if we switch to freelists, as I don?t
> know how well they handle html mails. That?s also the reason I cc?ed our
> list there, so that I can check this. Sorry if this offends anyone.

this email came as multipart/mixed, with a text/plain and text/html
parts.  the html part is not a complete document, just two elements.
and it kinda reminds me of frontpage (this one has style attributes in
place of font elements).

i didn't really get what it does: am i correct in my hunch that it wants
me to switch from the MUA to a browser, load the page, paste in the
email i wrote, copy the generated html and paste it back into the email?

markdown is supposed to be readable on its own, and it's quite successful
at that, why not just send it as-is?


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