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I have a Victor Classic without the recorder.  It is a fine rugged playback 
machine.  I also have a PTR1 and find its recording possibilities just great.  
I think the Victor speaker is better but I am recording hours of mp3 programs 
onto disks with the Plextalk.  plextalk also allows one to record onto a disk 
directly through the use of the internal mike or an external microphone.  I 
love the Plextalk.    
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  I have seen the Victor classic in this country, but I haven't seen the 
plextalk player. Could someone please comment on the differences between the 
two players and state which one seems to be most rugged?



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    Hi Jamie,

    This has been very helpful.  Thank you for your comments.  I'm always a 
little weary when faced with new, or new-ish technology, even if it is somewhat 
similar to what I've used before.  I discovered that you can find out the 
battery status in the PTN1.  That, I find, very useful.  I assume the PTR1 
would have this feature too.  Unless the batteries in PTR1's are not internal 
ones. It's very useful to know that I can take out the current CD I'm listening 
to and still, not lose my place when I get back to it. I'll remember that when 
listening to future talking books with the PTN1.

    This is wetting my appetite to find out more about the PTR1 and, whether 
I'd could make use of such a machine.

    Thanks again,

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      Firstly, as Andrew says, it sounds like you have been given a Plextalk 
PTN1 and not a PTR1.  This would be entirely correct if the player was supplied 
through the RNIB Talking Books Service as the only two models currently being 
distributed are the PTN1 and the Victor Classic.

      In terms of re-charging your battery, you can charge the unit either with 
the unit switched on or, probably better if you are not wanting to use it, with 
the unit switched off.

      To my knowledge, you certainly can turn off the unit with the disc in it 
without doing any damage to the unit or the CD.  It is, however, probably good 
practice to take the CD out and store it properly.  Don't forget that you won't 
loose your place as the PTN1 will remember where it last was in the title you 
were reading.

      Hope this helps.

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      Subject: beginner with Ptr1

      Hi everyone,

      I've just received the ptr1 machine from RNIb's talking book service.  It 
was a replacement for the Victor Reader Classic that I've been using for a long 

      I just have two questions about the ptr1.

      I have, what i think is, the basic version, or home version.  Doesn't 
have as many buttons on the player than the pro version.

      Anyway, firstly, I want to know about battery life care.

      I listened to the audio CD instructions and it said that the player 
should be recharged for four hours after being run down.
      Now, what is the best way to recharge the ptr1 battery?  Once the battery 
needs charging, would I just switch the player on, leave it in standby mode to 
charge for those four hours?

      I never new how to recharge the victor reader classic, lol. 

      Secondly, like the Victor reader, is it OK to leave CD in the ptr1 when 
switching it off?  That is, if I'm still listening to a book and, want to 
listen to some more later on, can I leave the CD where it is before switch off, 
or must I remove the CD?

      I know, the second question is so terribly basic. However, I do wanna 
take particular care of this new player I'm renting.  It's very smart indeed, 
probably more expensive than the previous players I've loaned from RNIB.

      Thanks for any advice.

      all the best,


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