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  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 04:22:57 +0100

yes, fine here in the east end of London in the UK.
John Flynn
Stepney Green
East London
United Kingdom
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  Working fine down here in very wintry South Africa!




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  Just to let you know you should get two of these messages, both to the new 
and old list.


  I am closing the ptr1-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx list down in favour of 
plextalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Posts should now be made to 
plextalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Your subscription is now moved over and you 
should get two of the messages, if you only get one of these messages please 
let me know at Andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I will sort this out.


  Furthermore, if you were on digest or holiday mode this option is now reset, 
again contact me if you need help changing your options.




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