[psyresearch] Moving the group

  • From: "Jon Whale" <jon.whale.psyresearch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: psyresearch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 13:08:58 +0100

Halvard - sorry for the slow response, the truth is I don't know how secure
Google is or for that matter Freelists. It would be safe to make the
assumption that neither are completely safe. I would be inclined to say that
Google is a far bigger haystack to search for a needle in. I would think,
and I'll have to check up more thoroughly on this, but as long as we stick
to the third person when discussing questionable things (I heard a story
about someone who...) then we will not be infringing the law (in the UK and
US at least). If anyone has more imformation regarding this topic, or would
like to comment about the law in their country regarding the discussion of
practices which may be frowned upon by the state, then please forward your
opinion to the group.

Joan - thankyou for the info, that'll go straight on the list :-) Having not
gone through the subscription process myself I did not realise it was
difficult. This may explain why only two of the original group joined! I'll
set up the gmail list today, and forward an invite to everybody concerned.

Regarding inviting other people to the group - the method which I have found
works well on other groups which want to stay quite private, is for a list
member to write a small introduction to a potential new member and to post
it to the group. After a short time period (i.e. a week), in which others
can express their approval of the person and any concerns they may have, the
person will be invited. The idea is not to be dictatorial and exclusive but
to keep the group manageable. As far as I'm concerned, the word of a group
member that another person should be allowed to join the group is enough for
me. However, each group member should have the ability to veto a new recruit
IF they have a very good reason, i.e. 'That person ripped me off... is not
who they claim to be...' or similar.'. I should think it very unlikely that
this would happen though.

Regarding the gmail list - If anybody else would like to express their
opinion on the topic of moving the list to Google, please do so soon. I will
make the new list today but keep this one running until further notice. I'll
also transfer what little discussion we have had over. The the consensus of
opinion so far is to move over.

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